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Free Stage Entertainment

4pm Opening Presentation
Speakers - Debra Strickland
5pm to 9pm - DJ Soundz

9 am to 11 am Modelling on Runway
11 - Noon  X Band
Noon - 2pm Quing Illistry

2pm to 3pm   Bill and the Golden Glams
3pm to 4pm Scotty Dub
4pm to 5pm Three Chord Monte
5pm to 9pm DJ Soundz


10 am to Noon Desert Shadows Band
Noon to 2pm The Naturals
2pm to 3pm The Dollheads
3pm to 4pm Micc Flame VEVO
4pm to 5pm El Caliente
5pm to 6pm Jeffrey Michaels
6pm to 9pm DJ Soundz

10am to Noon Tiffany Whitecloud
Noon to 1pm Drum Circle
1pm to 2pm Celebrity Book Reading


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